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Whisky Info

Welcome to our whisky page. Each month we hope to feature a whisky available to sample at the Inn.
After our 'whisky of the month' section is list of the whiskies we carry - listed alphabetically under the headings of their areas - Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. So please peruse the list and see if your favourite is there.
The list is not definitive and will always be a work in progress, due to bottlings and availability.

Whisky of the Month

Springbank         10 yr  old      43%  abv
 Salty, sherry oak. (aperitif)               

General Whisky

Longrow          10 yr  old         46% abv

Springbank Distillery produces Longrow single malt whisky in the same distillery equipment as it does its namesake malt.

Creamy coconut, peppery after tones.(after dinner)                
ABERFELDY            15 yr old                 43% abv

Light peat with barley a fresh clean finish, with a hint of citrus (After Dinner)

ARDMORE           16 yr  old                40%abv

The distillery was established by William Teacher in 1898 in response to the 1890's whisky boom. It is a staple in his successors' blended whisky, Highland Cream.

Sweet grain flavour, fruit and nut-no chocolate  (after dinner)  

Adrmore Quarter Cask - n.a.s.  46% abv.

A nose of caramel, with a taste of light smoke and peat, with vanilla and slight lanolin at the end.

Matured in bourbon casks and finished in the more old fashioned quarter cask. quite comlex with strong notes of smoke and peat. (after dinner)


Medium-weight and quite sweet, light oakiness,  toffee and fruit, malty. (daytime)
BENROMACH           15 yr old                40% abv

Light to medium-bodied. Fruity, vanilla, notes of malt and smoke. (after Dinner)              

BENROMACH MADEIRA FINISH     8yr old                    45% abv

Rich spicy character with hints of cooked fruits, treacle and a touch of peat smoke. (after Dinner)
BLAIR ATHOL                 12 yr old                           40% abv

Blair Athol distillery, established in 1798, lies in the Perthshire town of Pitlochry. Blair Athol single malt is one of the key whiskies found in the Bell’s blend. A beautifully balanced and flavoursome dram which combines flavours of citrus, ginger and cocoa with rich smoky and earthy, peaty tones.   (Afternoon - tea?)       
CLYNELISH                   14 yr  old                                     43% abv

Clynelish distillery is found in the North of Scotland near Brora, Sutherland. The Gaelic meaning is 'slope of the garden'. This coastal Highland whisky has a rich and complex character with a maritime influence. Sweet and fruity toffee notes are balanced with big, smoky, peaty flavours.  (aperitif/anytime)
THE DALMORE           12 yr  old                      40% abv

Matured for an initial nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being carefully divided. One half continues its maturation in bourbon barrels, the other half is transferred to 30 year old Matusalem oloroso sherry casks. Complex, yet balanced, The Dalmore 12 year old is the epitome of the Dalmore house style.

Deep, golden mahogany in colour, with citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices on the nose. Elegant and rich on the palate with concentrated citrus, oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla pod to finish, enhanced by roasted coffee and chocolate for an aftertaste of great complexity.

Dalmore distillery sits on the banks of the Cromarty Firth and takes its name from the gaelic meaning 'the big meadowland'.    (after dinner)
DEANSTON                 12 yr  old                          43% abv

Deanston is situated a few miles from the historic town of Stirling,on the banks of the River Teith, in the very heart of Scotland.The main part of the distillery is

sited in a listed cotton mill. A turbine and dam, which employ the waters of the Teith, render Deanston electrically self-sufficient.

 It was transformed into a distillery in 1966 where, to this day, it produces a malt Whisky which is handmade, un-chillfiltered.

There are no computers used in production as they prefer to rely on the ancient art of distilling and the keen eye  and taste of the 'craftsmen'.

It is owned by Burn Stewart and is used in its blend Scottish Leader.


Expressive with hay and malty cereal notes. Creamy toffee and heather honey balanced with aromas of sweet oak and barley sugar


Fresh and creamy with soft vanilla. Sweet and fruity with a malty honeyed spiciness


Satisfying, clean and dry with a hint of cloves, tingling then gently fades   .  (apeitif)   
EDRADOUR                    10 yr  old                40% abv

Edradour is produced in Scotland's smallest distillery - and is hand made today as it was over 150 years ago by just three men who are devoted to the time-honoured methods of whisky making.  Only 12 casks of whisky are produced a week.

Sugared almonds and forest pines. Smooth, creamy and malty with notes of butterscotch. Mellow and warming.    (after dinner)
FETTERCAIRN                12 yrs old                40% abv

Fettercairn's stills have an unusual feature in that the necks of the stills are externally cooled with running water from just below the curve to a gutter just above the lower flange.

The taste of nuts is rather dry, and some toffee hints make it sweeter.

This whisky is well balanced, and the very pleasant finish is slightly perfumed.  (daytime)   
GLENGOYNE                     10 yr  old                           40%  abv

Glengoyne Distillery is located in a wooded glen near Loch Lomond in one of the most beautiful sites for a distillery. It was formerly known as Burn Foot and Glen Guin. It has a pretty waterfall that falls into the natural hollow that forms the distillery's dam, creating a pool where ducks swim. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Glengoyne spirit is that it is produced entirely from unpeated malt. Clean sweet and pleasant    (daytime)              

GLENGOYNE                     17  yr  old                          43%   abv

Deep flavours,  fruity and nutty, some oak and vanilla., (after dinner)          

GLENGOYNE                     21  yr  old                           43%   abv

clean and soft with a hint of ginger, long finish  (after dinner)               
GLENMORANGIE             10 yr old                            40% abv

The principal version of Glenmorangie. This dram has a spicy nose, with some flowery sweetness. The body is on the light side of medium, but with some viscosity. The palate is spicy, flowery with malty sweet tones and a long and rounded finish.  (After dinner)
GLEN ORD                    12 yr old                             40% abv

Hints of sherry and fruit, a very nice malty sensation, rather complex  clear vanilla touches and some woody bitterness. A nice and warm finish. Good flavour ,dry malt, citric spice.  (after dinner)
GLENTURRET    12 yr old        40% abv

Glenturret is claimed to be the oldest distillery in Scotland. Origionally set up by smugglers as an illicit still it was officially licensed in 1775, the distilery was known as the Hosh. It wasn't untill 1875 it took the name of Glenturret, drawing it's water from the river Turret near Crieff. The distillery is possibly better known for the blend it is at the heart of which is The Famous Grouse. This is where the the award winning 'The Famous Grouse Experience' visitor centre is based. Glenturret has one fiurther clame to fame and that is to do with the now deceased vermin controller, Towser the cat, who allegedly over her 23 years dispatched 28,899 mice. For this feat she gained an entry in the Guinness book of World Records! Glenturret has a nose of barley and autumnal fruit and nuts, palate is of oak and fruit with a hint of hay, nice long sweet finish. Daytime
INCHMURIN              10 yr old                40% abv

Inchmurrin comes from the Loch Lomond distillery, Dunbartonshire, light and fruity slightly medicinal  (Aperitif).
LINKWOOD                 12 yr old                             43% abv

 Flowery, sweet, hint of almonds, toffee.  (afternoon  tea!)
OBAN                             14 yr  old                              43% abv

Sweet with seaside aromas and fresh flowers. Pear drops and rock candy, becoming dry and smoky. A smooth and fruity finish. Oban distillery was founded in 1794 and lies in the centre of this scenic West highland town.  (seafood or after dinner)       

OBAN1980                       Double matured                       43% abv

The western Highland style of malt is epitomised by oban's gentle sweetness and suprising richness of palate and finish.The peatiness of the islands it faces accross the firth of Lorn is softened by the influences of the highlands at its back. distilled in 1992 and double matured. (after dinner)
OLD PULTNEY                   12 yr  old                          40% abv

Founded in 1826, this distillery relied heavily on the sea for it's survival, to bring in the barley and to take away the malt whisky. 'Pultney Town' and Wick became known for shipping barrels of silver (herring) and gold (whisky). It is the most one of the most northerly distilleries in Britain.

The stills in the distillery are quite unique and it is reflected in the neck of the Old Pultney bottle. Legend has it that when the wash still arrived it was to big for the building so the manager cut the swan neck off, this shape is known as a 'smugglers kettle'.

There is a link between Old Pultney and Stein (all be it a bit tenuous). Thomas Telfor who designed the origilnal plan for the village of Stein, was friends with Sir William Johnstone Pultney, who Pultneytown was named after. Telford designed the lade ( water chanel) that supplied the distillery.

This is a sister whisky to the 21 year old that Jim Murray said was his Malt of the year in 2012.

Old Pultney is matured in Bourbon casks, its nose is dry with a hint of sea air.

Taste of citrus and floral notes with salted caramel to finish, some say a little water brings out more toffee notes. Anytime!

May is Whisky Month; good time to start your journey if you've never tried a malt, or a good time to experiment with new flavours. There are many whisky festivals on in Scotland this month - sadly none on Skye!

Old Pultney is owned by Inver House DistillersFlowery with orange peel. Toffee, liquorice, malt and honey notes. With a soft and mellow finish.  (all day)

Dry with a hint of sea-air. Smooth, clean, refreshing and lightly sherried. Old Pulteney lies in the fishing town of Wick and is the northernmost distillery on the Scottish mainland. It was established in 1826. (appetizer)   

                      8yr old                           40%abv

Gordon and MacPhail
PITTYVAICH              12 yr  old                40%abv

Spicy, perfumy very dry. hint of fruit, fiery. (after dinner)
ROYAL LOCHNAGAR            12 yr old                40%abv

Aged in second fill casks, this royal malt has a malty sweetness with a dry smoke. Queen Victoria is believed to have laced her claret with the whisky, which possibly inspired the wood finishes we know so well now.    (daytime)
SPEYBURN                10 yr old                    40%abv

First produced on the 15th December 1897, the diamond jubilee year of Queen Victoria. To make sure that whisky was distilled in the jubilee year, men worked through the night in a heavy snow storm in a still house without windows, managing to bond one single butt of 1897 Speyburn. Medium-bodied with a delicate, fruity character and a dry, warm, peaty finish.  (daytime)   
TEANINICH                      10  yr  old                43%  abv

Teaninich pronounced 'tee-ninick' or 'chee-ninick' was founded in 1817 and provided whisky for blends VAT 69 and Haig Dimple. A herbal and fruity malt with chocolatey limes. Light and very appetizing.  (After dinner)    
TULLIBARDINE                    10   yr  old                            40%  abv

The Distillery draws its water from the same source which fed the first public brewery in Scotland and from where King James IV purchased beer to celebrate his coronation in 1488. Today Tullibardine (built on the site of the brewery) reigns supreme as a fine malt whisky of majestic qualities.Dry touch of vanilla, honeyish.  (after dinner)
ARRAN              No age                    40%abv

The distillery is the most recent of Scotland, as it was founded in 1995. Clean, fresh with a hint of toffee, creamy finish   (after dinner)               
HIGHLAND PARK             Orkney    12 yr old           40%  abv

Smoky, honey, malty  (after dinner)                           

HIGHLAND PARK             18 yr old                        43%  abv

Flowery, Autumnal flavour, spicy,smooth  (after dinner going to bed)          

HIGHLAND PARK              25 yr old                    53.5%abv

Full, smooth, golden honey

HIGHLAND PARK CASK STRENGTH    10 yr  old           63.7%abv

Smokey wit a lemon honey finish (book at bedtime)           

JURA         Isle of Jura      10 yrs old                40%abv

The Jura distillery was built origionaly in the early 1800's near to a cave where it is said, 'the water of life' was ditilled illegally from the 1600. Due to a land dispute it fell into disrepair in the early 1900's, and was resurected again in in the early part of 1960. It was one of the main constituent parts of MacKinlay blends.

George Orwell wrote his famed novel "1984" on Jura. which, if he inbibed lots of the local 'refreshment', might explain a few things!

It has been said that Jura may be hard to get to, but as those who've been there will testify, it's a place that's even harder to leave - the same might be said of it's whisky!

The nose is slightly of oak and damp hay.The palate is rich and smooth, cut grass, vanilla,and fudge. Slight spice to a long  finish. (daytime)  


JURA       16 yrs                     40%abv

Backbone of  oak guarantees a dry start and middle.The end is softer and sweeter with waves of vanilla.

JURA         20yr old

A delicious and sophisticated dram with impressive depth and almost perfect weight.  (after dinner)          

JURA SUPERSTITION          No age                    45%abv

Spice, honey, pine and peat aromas make a dramatic impact, the long years in oak casks have tempered and tamed this mystic spirit creating a long, lingering and tantalising aftertaste.  (After Dinner)   
LEDAIG          Mull    15 yr old                40%abv

Ledaig comes from the Tobermory distillery on the island of Mull. The nose is simple with distinct peatiness and prevalence of fresh sea air. Subtle milk chocolate leaves a lasting impression on the palate, with a long and satisfying ginger sweetness and mellow soft warm finish.  (all day)               
SCAPA            Orkney         12 yr  old           40% abv

Used as an ammunition dump in the 2nd world war. Hints of tobacco, cigar. Fruity, chocolate, praline, nutty, zesty, salty refreshing,   (all day)               
TALISKER           Skye      10  yr  old            45.8%  abv

Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous writer wrote in one of his poems "The king o' drinks, as I conceive it,Talisker, Islay or Glenlivet".

Full flavour salty with pepper, a heart warmer  (bring you  back from the dead!)     

DOUBLE MATURED      Dist 1986                45.8 % abv

The colour is amber, and the sherry which dominates the nose, disappears in the palate where it is replaced by more salted, fresh and herbal notes.

The body is rich and smoky, with a nice lingering finish.    ( after dinner)               

TALISKER       18 yr old

TALISKER        20 yr old

All of the above but honeyed and very very smooth.  Special edition.  (One to savour)
TOBERMORY              Mull      10yr  old         40%  abv

This is from the Isle of Mull's only distillery and was started in 1798, by a local Merchant, initially it was known as Ledaig (also a bottling from the distillery) The two whiskies are quite different and distinct.

The distillery has gone through a mixed history; it closed in 1837 and opened again in 1878, and it was closed in the 1930' as much to do with the depression, as with the prohibition era in the USA.

It re-opened again in 1971 after an absence of 40 or so years (at one stage it was used to store cheese in). the distillery still found it hard going with it's warehouses converted into flats in the 80's. But it survived long enough for Burns Stewart to buy it, and would now seem to be securing it's place on the 'whisky map'

It is used in the production of Black Bottle and Scottish Leader.

The maturation is now done at the Deanston Distillery (near Stirling) which is owned by the same company.

The whisky is distilled from unpeated barley, so it has a light nose with a little peat but a hint of smoke, li oak and a peppery palet with a smooth finish.   (anytime)                                   
ARDBEG               10yr old                    40% abv

A full flavoured scintillating smoky smack in the mouth. If you like strong Islay Malts this is it.

(End of the day, staring into the middle distance)           

AIRGH NAM BEIST     No age               46%abv

Shows maturity along with toasted almond, biscuity cereal, mix of peat and citrus. Not overly heavy, a good tongue-coating texture with persistent smoke.          

UIGEADAIL              No age               54.1%abv

Rich, concentrated and powerful. Sooty with light tarry/liquorice touches. Very smoky, great presence but subtle in its own way.   (after Dinner)             

ALL MOST THERE     9 yr old            54.4%abv

Discrete hints of citrus fruit give it a kind of freshness. Citrus notes are pleasantly mixed with the peat.  Nice finish, fresh and lingering, in the exact line of the mouth.    (late Afternoon)                    

ARDBEG      dist 1994         bttld 2002

(Connoisseurs choice)

Starts of quite light , then becomes mean and moody                  
BOWMORE                    12 yr  old                   40% abv

Bowmore Distillery has been nestled on the shoreline of Loch Indaal for over 200 years in the village by the same name. It was founded in 1779 by a local merchant by the name of John Simpson. Its heat recycling system has significantly reduced their reliance on peat. The "waste heat" is used to heat the village's swimming pool.   Spicy aroma, with heather and  slight smoke.(Apéritif)                   
BRUICHLADDICH              12 yr  old                   40% abv

Medium, heathery hint of peat.  (Apéritif)             

BRUICHLADDICH TWENTY     20 yr old                40% abv

Seaweedy, rounded very drinkable    (After Dinner)              

BRUICHLADDICH CASK       21 yr  old            

Rich flavour with birch wood and peatiness   (after dinner)              

BRUICHLADDICH INFINITY     No age             55.5%abv

Honeycomb barley, peat explosion very thick and powerful flavour ….. and beyond     
BUNNAHABHAIN             12 yr  old                          40 % abv

Fresh and sweet, notes of vanilla with a slight whiff of peat smoke. Light, gentle sweetness with nuttiness and frosted corn flakes. Crisp and refreshing.   (Anytime)               

MACPHAIL'S BOTTLING    12 yr  old                 40%abv

Salty with a hint of smoke, soft Islay tones   (anytime)              
CAOL ILA              15 yr  old                            43 % abv

Caol Ila (pronounced "cull-eela")  means "Sound of Islay," in Gaelic, . The view from the distillery stillhouse oversees the Sound and carries the eye out to the famous Paps (mountains) of Jura. It is claimed that this may be the finest view from any distillery anywhere.

Rounded, mid-weight. Good smoky intensity mid-palate. Clean juicy fruits, oil and dry smoke. (Apéritif)     


CAOL ILA         18 yr old
LAGAVULIN                   16yr old                43%abv

Meaning‘Hollow by the mill’, Lagavulin is one of the oldest legal distilleries on Islay. With strong peat flavour and Iodine, this like laphroaig is a love or hate whisky.  (on it’s own, any time)

LAGAVULIN      Distillers edition            43%abv

Finished in pedro ximenez casks, lots of flavour, sweet with peaty smoke, long and smooth afterburn of dry seaweed! 
LAPHROIG               10 yr old                40%abv

Full sparkling gold

Huge smoke, seaweedy, "medicinal", with a hint of sweetness. Full bodieds with hints of salt and layers of peatiness, lingers like kippers

LAPHROIG           15 yr old

Peppermint sweetness and grassiness, then an explosion of matches, burning peat, Long and chocolaty . Lots of vanilla   (after dinner)              


Very powerful, smoke, seaweed,  sweet.   With a massive peated burst of flavour

 Long and savoury.

PORT ELLEN                 19 yr  old                     40% abv

Oily, heavy on peat, tones of the sea.  (Smoked Salmon,   after dinner)
AUCHENTOSHAN           10 yr old                40%abv

Auchentoshan, meaning `Corner of the field’ in Gaelic, produces a delicate, smooth and light single Malt Whisky. The subtle aroma and flavour of its Spirit is achieved by the unique Triple Distillation process, whereby the spirit is not distilled twice, as elsewhere in Scotland, but instead, distilled three times producing even greater refinement to its character. (Pronounced "Och’n’tosh’n".) This is the classic Lowland malt, triple-distilled, light, but with plenty of complexity and character to in its own right. The distillery is just outside of Glasgow, hidden in a hollow between the river Clyde and the Kilpatrick hills. Citrus, lemony, fresh taste, clean, refreshing.  ( aperitif)

BLADNOCH                 10 yr  old                 43% abv.

 Medium with some fruity sweetness. Some slight malty, citrus and spice overtones  (Daytime)                                       
GLENKINCHIE            10 yrs old                43%abv

Glenkinchie is located near the village of Pencaitland, about 15 miles from Edinburgh, in rich farmland. Used in Jonnie Walker Red and Black and Dimple blends.

Some lemon, herbal and malty hints, with a touch of peat.

The finish, of average length confirms this impressions.

A pleasant, but simple whisky.   (afternoon)  

GLENKINCHIE DOUBLE MATURED      14 yrs old           43%abv

The taste remains typical of a Lowland, light and pleasant, and the sherry, even if it is still present in the palate, does not denature the characteristic freshness of malts from that area. a pleasant finish, just all ingredients to make a very good whisky. Good first malt!   (early evening)              
INVERLEVEN              10 yr old                40% abv

Distillery now closed, Clean, barley, slight grassiness, refreshing.  (daytime)              
LITTLEMILL             8 yr old            43% abv

Light, with a hints of coconut  cereal and spicy notes, faint notes of honey-like sweetness near the end.  (daytime)           
ST. MAGDALANE              10 yr  old                 43%  abv

Also known as Linlithgow.Typically lowland, with a nice progression of sensation: sweet, malty then zingy.  rare.  (anytime)                         
ABERLOUR                 10yr old                     40% abv

Aberlour distillery was founded in 1879 and it uses fresh spring water from St. Drostan's Well.

Soft malty sweetness with a hint of spice, aromatic crisp finish.  (After Dinner)                            

ABHUNADH                   60%                    

Orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger, spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with sherry and oak. Full-bodied and creamy.  (after dinner)               
AN CNOC          12 yr old                40%abv

An Cnoc' is the Gaelic and means 'the hill'. The distillery is located by Huntly, Aberdeen-shire. The single malt is aromatic with a sweet honey and citrus flavour and a lingering smooth finish.  (aperitif)
THE BALVENNIE              10 yr  old                  40% abv

Balvenie distillery was established using second-hand stills, which are quite bulbous, this no doubts contributes to the distinct character of the whisky.

Lightly spicy with honey and sweet peaty notes. This bottling is matured in American oak and sherry casks.  (After dinner)                                    

THE BALVENNIE DOUBLE WOOD    12 yr  old                 40% abv

Golden syrup and liquorice. With smooth oak, vanilla and cinammon. (before bed)            

THE BALVENNIE     15 yr  old                50.4% abv

Single Barrel

This comes from a single first fill bourbon cask. Each bottle is individually dated and numbered. A firm, robust whisky with a fruity sweetness. Heather and pine needles with a dry, spicy finish. (Apéritif)                                          

Rounded medium to full bodied, rich honey, vanilla with hints of ream, spice and chocolate.(daytime)
BENRINNES                 Speyside

Benrinnes is one of the few distilleries still using a so-called 'worm tub' to cool the vapours and

condensed spirit from the running stills. The triple distillation process used  produces a silky and very pure  whisky with exotic fruit, honey and biscuits notes.

BENRINNES         15 yr old                40% abv

Dry,well-rounded, with some sweetness, smoke and vanilla.

Reviver/ After Dinner                     
CARDHU               12 yr  old                    40% abv

Founded in 1824, Cardhu was built on a site where illicit distilling had been in progress since about 1813. The water supply for the distillery is piped from a site about two miles away, close to the location from where it gets its peat. The main whisky for Jonnie Walker blends.

Distinct peat hints, smooth, sweet and syrupy.  (anywhere, anytime)         
CRAGGANMORE             12  yr  old                   40% abv

Cragganmore distillery was founded in 1869,less widely known than the other 'Classic Malts' it is a component of Old Parr. Delicate,  hint of herbs, complex flavour, long finish.  (After dinner)                           


The Distiller's Edition is finished in ruby port casks. A warming and soothing after dinner dram with a fruity, aromatic flavour  (after dinner)              
CRAIGELLACHIE             14 yr  old               43% abv

The Craigellachie distillery was established in 1888 by Peter J.Mackie. Set in the village of Craigellachie at the meeting point of those two great rivers of whisky lore, the Fiddich and the Spey. The location where the distillery was built was only partially because of the quality of the water there, the main reason was the proximity of the railway. It is used in blends, mainly Dewar's White Label.

Aromatic, hint of citrus.  (After dinner)                           
DAILUAINE           16 yr  old              43% abv

In Johnnie Walker Complex,  sherry, chocolate and malt with hints of oranges.

Malted notes. A  pleasant finish, syrupy and long               (after dinner)            
DALLAS DHU             10 yr  old               40%  abv

The name which means, "black water valley."

Distillery is a museum and not currently functioning.

Chocolatey, very rich smooth.  (After dinner)
DALWHINNIE             15 yr old            43% abv

Flowery, vanilla and a touch of peat. Smooth and heathery with a little pepper. Long and slightly smoky.

(apéretif  and after dinner)            


Exceptionally smooth and full of flavour, this special Dalwhinnie has been finished in the rich Oloroso cask-wood that has been especially selected for it's fine yet robust balance. Bottled in 2005 and 43% volume.  (after dinner)
DUFFTOWN              15yr  old                40% abv

Dry and smoky, This is an important constituent of Diageo’s Bells Blend.  (afternoon)                                        
GLEN DEVRON             12 yr  old                  40% abv

Dry, malty and warming  (reviver)                         
GLENDRONACH                12 yr   old                  40% abv

 Full and clean. Sherryish, heathery, hint of peat.  (after dinner)                       
GLENFARCLAS               10 yr   old                 40% abv

Robust, deep and fruity with lovely rich oaky notes.Sherry sweetness with a hint of  smoke, firm.

(after dinner)              

GLENFARCLAS               15 year old             46% abv

Oaky with a sent of smoke, well rounded, Balanced   (after Dinner)              

GLANFARCLAS                 21 yr old                40% abv

Honied, sweet and drawn out, little hint of smoke , rounded.   (after dinner)

GLANFARCLAS 105                          60%abv  

Butterscotch and toffee with a kick, long lingeri6ng flavour  (after Dinner)              

GLENFIDDICH                12yr  old                40%   abv

Glenfiddich, one of Scotland's few independently owned distilleries, has become the biggest selling malt whisky in the world. This malt is sweet with white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. A fragrant and peaty smoke finish.   (anytime)              

CAORAN RESERVE      12 yr old                40% abv

Slightly peppery with a treacle like sweetness. A lively, slightly spicy dram balanced with an edge of sweetness. A mildly smoky, warming finish. The name 'Caoran' comes from the Gaelic meaning 'peat ember'   (anytime)               

GLENFIDDICH SOLERA RESERVE       15 yr   old             40%abv

Smooth and silky with white chocolate, pears and cardamom spice. A creamy finish with a hint of ginger.


GLEN GRANT               10  yr  old               40%  abv

A rather fresh whisky, with some fruit dominance. Light becoming nutty with herbal notes, very dry


THE GLENLIVET            12  yr  old              40%  abv

Smooth and flowery with peach and vanilla. Delicately balanced with a long and warming finish..

From Spayside's 'longest glen' The Glenlivet,  40%abv .The start of it all, the first licensed distillery to legally produce whisky. The water is still drawn from Josie's well as it was over 200 years ago.

This legendry malt has a nose of summer fruits and pineapple, on the palate it has notes of peaches, pears and vanilla and finishes with almonds and hazelnuts. It is lively  to start but doesn't have a long finish, refreshing, good daytime and aperetif.

( Aperitif)              
GLEN MORAY            16 yr old                   40%  abv

The mouth feel is lightly spiced with a warming and gently mouth watering effect. Malty toffee sweetness is present throughout with blackcurrants and a fragrant citrus lemongrass tang.   (Aperitif)                                       
GLENROTHES               12 yr old             43% abv

Smooth dry and velvety.hint of spice.   (after dinner)                       
KNOCKANDO             12 yr old                40%abv

In Gaelic, Knockando (Cnoc-an-dhu) means "little black hillock". Complex, smooth, flowers, nutty, and a hint of mint near the end.   (Evening)              
LONGMORN GLENLIVET      12 yr old                   40% abv

 Full bodied wih fruit under tones.   (after dinner)              

LONGMORN GLENLIVET        25 yr old

LONGMORN                  15 yr old              45% abv

Smooth, sweetish, delicious, clean. Spun sugar. Never cloying, though. Crunchy dryness.

(after dinner)             

THE MACALLAN               10 yr  old            40% abv

Full sherry, and malt.    (after diner)              

THE MACALLAN                18 yr  old            43% abv

Sherry, nutty, full of power      

MACALLAN FINE OAK       21yr  old            43% abv

Liquid Gold                 

MACALLAN 1876 REPLICA              40.6%abv

Produced to demonstrate the way MacAllan used to taste, Oak and silk  (after dinner)               
MORTLACH                  16 yr  old                 43% abv

Sherry, peat, dry barley flavour. It is an important contributor to Johnnie Walker blends   (after dinner)               
THE SINGLETON               10 yr  old                      43% abv

Small hint of licorice, sherry.   (after dinner)              
SMITHS GLENLIVET            15 yr  old             40% abv

Firm Gingery, aromatic, smooth   (aperitif)              

10 yr old 40%abv Speyside

''The spirit of independence''

Distilled and bottle by J&G Grant. No relation to the Grants of Glenfiddich.
Glenfarclas is under the control of the 6th generation of Grants, and is one of the few distilleries that are truly independent.
Glenfarclas means 'valley of the green grass'. The distillery was originally purchased with a farm and is fair to say was more of a hobby to start with, the farming being the serious business. The distillery was rebuilt in the late 1800s and from then on Whisky was the serious business, the family still breed pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.
The still house features 6 stills which are the largest on speyside, the whisky is distilled twice, and then put into shery casks for maturation, there are 52,000 casks maturing in the 'dunnage' houses at Glenfarclas.
the tasting room in the distillery is wooden panelling from the RMS Empress of Australia built in 1913

This is a robust whisky and but has the finesse of the classic Speyside malts, there are sweet malty tones with hints of vanilla and spice to the nose, on tasting these come out with a light smokiness, which then has long lingering finish.
wonderful aperitif

STRATHISLA                   12 yr  old                      43% abv

STRATHISLA                          12 yr old                               40% abv   

Strathisla is the oldest distillery in the highlands of Scotland dating from 1786. It started as a farm distillery as an alternstive to the failing flax industry.

The water for the distillery is drawn from the nearby Broomhill spring, which had previously been used by Dominican Monks for brewing beer in the 13th century.

Strathisla was origionally know as Milltown and then Milton, it became Strathisla in 1876.

It was purchased by Chivas brothers in 1949.

Chivas describe Strathisla as their spiritual home.The distillery produces 2.4 million litres a year.

Colin Scott master blender of Chivas has said '' This classic speyside malt has a deep fruitiness with a complex array of nutty and hay-like flavours and is the heart of all Chivas blends''

After dinner drink long and calming!

TAMDHU                No age                   40%  abv

Tamdhu still uses a Saladin box. Charles Saladin, a Frenchman, invented a process able to rationalize the production of malt. He substituted a kind of box (50 meter long and 1,5 meter deep) to the traditional. This box has metallic mixers to avoid destruction of the grain by the warmth produced by the germination. Aeration happens by micro perforations in the bottom of the box. Some distilleries installed such a system, even if most of the distilleries stopped producing their malt.

Toffeeish, slight hint of peat, light.   (Anytime)              

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