Stein Inn




10yr old   40% abv

A full flavoured scintillating smoky smack in the mouth. If you like strong Islay Malts this is it. (End of the day, staring into the middle distance)

Airgh Nam Beist

No age   46% abv

Shows maturity along with toasted almond, biscuity cereal, mix of peat and citrus. Not overly heavy, a good tongue-coating texture with persistent smoke.


No age   54.1% abv

Rich, concentrated and powerful. Sooty with light tarry/liquorice touches. Very smoky, great presence but subtle in its own way. (After Dinner)

All Most There

9yr old   40% abv

Discrete hints of citrus fruit give it a kind of freshness. Citrus notes are pleasantly mixed with the peat. Nice finish, fresh and lingering, in the exact line of the mouth. (Late Afternoon)


dist 1944   bttld 2002

(Connoisseurs choice) Starts of quite light, then becomes mean and moody.