Stein Inn


Smiths Glenlivet

15 yr old   40% abv

Firm Gingery, aromatic, smooth. (Aperitif)


12 yr old   43% abv


12 yr old   40% abv

Strathisla is the oldest distillery in the highlands of Scotland dating from 1786. It started as a farm distillery as an alternstive to the failing flax industry. The water for the distillery is drawn from the nearby Broomhill spring, which had previously been used by Dominican Monks for brewing beer in the 13th century. Strathisla was originally know as Milltown and then Milton, it became Strathisla in 1876. It was purchased by Chivas brothers in 1949. Chivas describe Strathisla as their spiritual home.The distillery produces 2.4 million litres a year. Colin Scott master blender of Chivas has said “This classic speyside malt has a deep fruitiness with a complex array of nutty and hay-like flavours and is the heart of all Chivas blends”

After dinner drink long and calming!


No age   40% abv

Tamdhu still uses a Saladin box. Charles Saladin, a Frenchman, invented a process able to rationalize the production of malt. He substituted a kind of box (50 meter long and 1,5 meter deep) to the traditional. This box has metallic mixers to avoid destruction of the grain by the warmth produced by the germination. Aeration happens by micro perforations in the bottom of the box. Some distilleries installed such a system, even if most of the distilleries stopped producing their malt.

Toffeeish, slight hint of peat, light. (Anytime)