Stein Inn




The name loosely translated means “rocky lee shore”, this gives a clue to it’s location sitting on the shore of Loch Indaal.

It was built in 1881 by the Harvey brothers and in it’s day was “state of the art”. The stills have long narrow necks which brought in to produce  fine and unique whisky different to the other distilleries on the island. After a family falling out and a fire in the thirties the distillery changed hand numerous times, until a private purchase in 200o, when Jim McEwan was brought in as mate distiller.

The equipment used is to this day by and large the original Victorian installation, to such an extent that the craft and secrets the process are still passed on by word of mouth and computers aren’t used. They have shaken up the whisky world by producing different expression and styles with innovation and clever marketing, but still maintaining the core values of producing good whisky.

The distillery is very proud of the provenance of the ingredients, all Barley is sourced in Scotland and as much as possible from islay.

Bruichladich is an unpeated malt, whilst under the brand Port Charlotte it produces a peated malt. They also produce Botanist Gin.


“The Classic Laddie”

No age statement      50% abv

 This is one of Bruichladdich core brands, noses with floral notes with a hint of salt, tastes of fruity toffee maybe salt caramel?, finishes quite short but fresh.   Aperitif


Also available here from this distillery:-

Bruichladdich Twenty

20 yr old   40% abv

Seaweedy, rounded very drinkable. (After Dinner)

Bruichladdich Cask

21 yr old

Rich flavour with birch wood and pettiness. (After dinner)

Bruichladdich Infinity

No age   55.5% abv

Honeycomb barley, peat explosion very thick and powerful flavour… and beyond.