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Cardhu started life as an illicit still on a hill farm at Cardow in Speyside.  Helen Cumming helped her husband in the illicit craft, and rather boldly gave the excise men accommodation when in the area. They were advised the strange odour was due to bread making! She also hoisted a red flag at the back of the farm to advise neighbours the excise men were in the area. Helen is accredited with being the only women to have started a distillery in Scotland.

Cardhu is an integral part of Jonnie Walker Whisky and the distillery was bought by them in 1893, with a condition that John Cumming (grandson of Helen) be granted a seat on the board.


The bottle was designed originally to be like a decanter rather than just a bottle.

12 year old 40% abv

The whisky itself, is floral in style, tasting of apple and honey with a bit of toffee thrown in.

Cardhu 12 year old "decanter"