Stein Inn



No age   40% abv

The distillery is the most recent of Scotland, as it was founded in 1995. Clean, fresh with a hint of toffee, creamy finish. (After dinner)

Highland Park

Orkney   12yr old   40% abv

Smoky, honey, malty. (After dinner)

Highland Park

18yr old   43% abv

Flowery, autumnal flavour, spicy, smooth. (After dinner going to bed)

Highland Park

25yr old   53.5% abv

Full, smooth, golden honey.

Highland Park Cask Strength

10yr old   63.7% abv

Smokey with a lemon honey finish. (Book at bedtime)


Isle of Jura   10yr old   40% abv

The Jura distillery was built origionaly in the early 1800s near to a cave where it is said, ‘the water of life’ was ditilled illegally from the 1600. Due to a land dispute it fell into disrepair in the early 1900s, and was resurected again in in the early part of 1960. It was one of the main constituent parts of MacKinlay blends. George Orwell wrote his famed novel “1984” on Jura, which, if he inbibed lots of the local ‘refreshment’, might explain a few things! It has been said that Jura may be hard to get to, but as those who’ve been there will testify, it’s a place that’s even harder to leave – the same might be said of it’s whisky!

The nose is slightly of oak and damp hay.The palate is rich and smooth, cut grass, vanilla,and fudge. Slight spice to a long finish. (Daytime)


16yr old   40% abv

Backbone of oak guarantees a dry start and middle.The end is softer and sweeter with waves of vanilla.


20yr old

A delicious and sophisticated dram with impressive depth and almost perfect weight. (After dinner)

Jura Superstition

No age   45% abv

Spice, honey, pine and peat aromas make a dramatic impact, the long years in oak casks have tempered and tamed this mystic spirit creating a long, lingering and tantalising aftertaste. (After dinner)


Mull   15yr old   40% abv

Ledaig comes from the Tobermory distillery on the island of Mull. The nose is simple with distinct peatiness and prevalence of fresh sea air. Subtle milk chocolate leaves a lasting impression on the palate, with a long and satisfying ginger sweetness and mellow soft warm finish. (All day)


Orkney   12yr old   40% abv

Used as an ammunition dump in the 2nd world war. Hints of tobacco, cigar. Fruity, chocolate, praline, nutty, zesty, salty refreshing. (All day)


Skye   10yr old   45.8% abv

Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous writer wrote in one of his poems “The king o’ drinks, as I conceive it, Talisker, Islay or Glenlivet”. Full flavour salty with pepper, a heart warmer. (Bring you back from the dead!)

Double Matured

Dist 1986   45.8% abv

The colour is amber, and the sherry which dominates the nose, disappears in the palate where it is replaced by more salted, fresh and herbal notes. The body is rich and smoky, with a nice lingering finish. (After dinner)


18yr old


20yr old

All of the above but honeyed and very very smooth. Special edition. (One to savour)

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cuillin mountains


Mull   10yr old   40% abv

This is from the Isle of Mull’s only distillery and was started in 1798, by a local Merchant, initially it was known as Ledaig (also a bottling from the distillery). The two whiskies are quite different and distinct.

The distillery has gone through a mixed history; it closed in 1837 and opened again in 1878, and it was closed in the 1930s as much to do with the depression, as with the prohibition era in the USA. It re-opened again in 1971 after an absence of 40 or so years (at one stage it was used to store cheese in). The distillery still found it hard going with it’s warehouses converted into flats in the 80s. But it survived long enough for Burns Stewart to buy it, and would now seem to be securing it’s place on the ‘whisky map’.

It is used in the production of Black Bottle and Scottish Leader.

The maturation is now done at the Deanston Distillery (near Stirling) which is owned by the same company.

The whisky is distilled from unpeated barley, so it has a light nose with a little peat but a hint of smoke, li oak and a peppery palet with a smooth finish. (Anytime)

tobermory distillery established sign
bottle of tobermory whisky
whisky sleeping sign