Stein Inn



10yr old   40% abv

Aberlour distillery was founded in 1879 and it uses fresh spring water from St. Drostan’s Well. Soft malty sweetness with a hint of spice, aromatic crisp finish. (After Dinner)



Orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger, spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with sherry and oak. Full-bodied and creamy. (After dinner)

An Cnoc

12 yr old   40% abv

An Cnoc is the Gaelic and means ‘the hill’. The distillery is located by Huntly, Aberdeen-shire. The single malt is aromatic with a sweet honey and citrus flavour and a lingering smooth finish. (Apéritif)

The Balvennie

10 yr old   40% abv

Balvenie distillery was established using second-hand stills, which are quite bulbous, this no doubts contributes to the distinct character of the whisky. Lightly spicy with honey and sweet peaty notes. This bottling is matured in American oak and sherry casks. (After dinner)

The Balvennie Double Wood

12 yr old 40% abv

Golden syrup and liquorice. With smooth oak, vanilla and cinnamon. (Before bed)

The Balvennie

15 yr old 50.4% abv

Single Barrel

This comes from a single first fill bourbon cask. Each bottle is individually dated and numbered. A firm, robust whisky with a fruity sweetness. Heather and pine needles with a dry, spicy finish. (Apéritif)


Rounded medium to full bodied, rich honey, vanilla with hints of ream, spice and chocolate. (Daytime)


Benrinnes is one of the few distilleries still using a so-called ‘worm tub’ to cool the vapours and condensed spirit from the running stills. The triple distillation process used produces a silky and very pure whisky with exotic fruit, honey and biscuits notes.


15 yr old   40% abv

Dry, well-rounded, with some sweetness, smoke and vanilla. (Reviver/ after dinner)


Cardhu started life as an illicit still on a hill farm at Cardow in Speyside.  Helen Cumming helped her husband in the illicit craft, and rather boldly gave the excise men accommodation when in the area. They were advised the strange odour was due to bread making! She also hoisted a red flag at the back of the farm to advise neighbours the excise men were in the area. Helen is accredited with being the only women to have started a distillery in Scotland.

Cardhu is an integral part of Jonnie Walker Whisky and the distillery was bought by them in 1893, with a condition that John Cumming (grandson of Helen) be granted a seat on the board.


The bottle was designed originally to be like a decanter rather than just a bottle.

12 year old 40% abv

The whisky itself, is floral in style, tasting of apple and honey with a bit of toffee thrown in.

Cardhu 12 year old "decanter"


12 yr old   40% abv

Cragganmore distillery was founded in 1869, less widely known than the other ‘Classic Malts’ it is a component of Old Parr. Delicate, hint of herbs, complex flavour, long finish. (After dinner)

Distillers Edition

The Distiller’s Edition is finished in ruby port casks. A warming and soothing after dinner dram with a fruity, aromatic flavour. (After dinner)


14 yr old 43% abv

The Craigellachie distillery was established in 1888 by Peter J.Mackie. Set in the village of Craigellachie at the meeting point of those two great rivers of whisky lore, the Fiddich and the Spey. The location where the distillery was built was only partially because of the quality of the water there, the main reason was the proximity of the railway. It is used in blends, mainly Dewar’s White Label. Aromatic, hint of citrus. (After dinner)


16 yr old   43% abv

In Johnnie Walker Complex, sherry, chocolate and malt with hints of oranges. Malted notes. A pleasant finish, syrupy and long. (After dinner)

Dallas Dhu

10 yr old   40% abv

The name which means, “black water valley.” Distillery is a museum and not currently functioning. Chocolatey, very rich smooth. (After dinner)