Stein Inn




12yr old   43% abv

Deanston is situated a few miles from the historic town of Stirling, on the banks of the River Teith, in the very heart of Scotland. The main part of the distillery is sited in a listed cotton mill. A turbine and dam, which employ the waters of the Teith, render Deanston electrically self-sufficient. It was transformed into a distillery in 1966 where, to this day, it produces a malt Whisky which is handmade, un-chillfiltered. There are no computers used in production as they prefer to rely on the ancient art of distilling and the keen eye and taste of the ‘craftsmen’. It is owned by Burn Stewart and is used in its blend Scottish Leader.


Expressive with hay and malty cereal notes. Creamy toffee and heather honey balanced with aromas of sweet oak and barley sugar.


Fresh and creamy with soft vanilla. Sweet and fruity with a malty honeyed spiciness.


Satisfying, clean and dry with a hint of cloves, tingling then gently fades. (Apéritif)