Stein Inn

Our Green Policy

Green Policy

green tourism logoStein Inn as a business has adopted the following environmental/sustainable tourism policy. It has been developed out of a concern to protect the environment for ourselves and future generations and indeed to minimise our negative impact on the local area, whilst maximising our positive impact. All staff abide by the policy where practically possible and we would ask that guests, at the very least, respect it if not practising it whilst here. Any suggestions or comments on this policy would be greatly appreciated.

  • We believe in minimising the use of energy and to try to ensure that any use is as efficient as possible.
  • Whilst water is in more than abundance here it should not be wasted or taken for granted, after all tap water has to be treated.
  • We try to manage our waste through recycling, returning to suppliers, re-using by ourselves or others, compacting, bulk-buying, composting, disposing of appropriately to registered businesses and using things which degrade quickly where possible.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure efficient use of our septic tank and to protect the local environment.
  • Where practical we try to use suppliers and contractors who are like minded, especially those who support fair trade and other socially responsible practices.
  • We believe in supporting our local community socially and economically. Skye has some superb local produce which also aids in reducing food mileage.
  • Whilst we are remote and there are limitations to public transport nonetheless we would encourage visitors to appreciate our local area by foot or bike.
  • We respect the natural world and as we gradually develop the grounds surrounding the building, will aim to enhance the natural beauty of the area with an emphasis on conservation.
  • We abide by the requirements of environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • We are pleased to be members of Green Tourism Business Scheme and strive to maintain and indeed surpass our Gold award standard. We constantly review our performance.
corncrake courtesy RSPB
talisker bay