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Welcome to our whisky page. Each month we hope to feature a whisky available to sample at the Inn. After our "whisky of the month" is a list of the whiskies we carry - listed alphabetically under the headings of their areas - Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. So please peruse the list and see if your favourite is there. The list is not definitive and will always be a work in progress, due to bottlings and availability.


10yr old   40% abv

Edradour is produced in Scotland’s smallest distillery – and is hand made today as it was over 150 years ago by just three men who are devoted to the time-honoured methods of whisky making. Only 12 casks of whisky are produced a week. Sugared almonds and forest pines. Smooth, creamy and malty with notes of butterscotch. Mellow and warming. (After dinner)


12yr old   40% abv

Fettercairn’s stills have an unusual feature in that the necks of the stills are externally cooled with running water from just below the curve to a gutter just above the lower flange. The taste of nuts is rather dry, and some toffee hints make it sweeter. This whisky is well balanced, and the very pleasant finish is slightly perfumed. (Daytime)


10yr old   40% abv

Glengoyne Distillery is located in a wooded glen near Loch Lomond in one of the most beautiful sites for a distillery. It was formerly known as Burn Foot and Glen Guin. It has a pretty waterfall that falls into the natural hollow that forms the distillery’s dam, creating a pool where ducks swim. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Glengoyne spirit is that it is produced entirely from unpeated malt. Clean sweet and pleasant. (Daytime)


17yr old   43% abv

Deep flavours, fruity and nutty, some oak and vanilla. (After dinner)


21yr old   43% abv

Clean and soft with a hint of ginger, long finish. (After dinner)

Glenmorangie – Whisky of the Month



10yr old   40% abv

The principal version of Glenmorangie. This dram has a spicy nose, with some flowery sweetness. The body is on the light side of medium, but with some viscosity. The palate is spicy, flowery with malty sweet tones and a long and rounded finish. (After dinner)

Stein Inn, Waternish, Isle of Skye
Stein Inn, Waternish, Isle of Skye

Glen Ord

12yr old   40% abv

Hints of sherry and fruit, a very nice malty sensation, rather complex clear vanilla touches and some woody bitterness. A nice and warm finish. Good flavour, dry malt, citric spice. (After dinner)


12yr old   40% abv

Glenturret is claimed to be the oldest distillery in Scotland. Originally set up by smugglers as an illicit still it was officially licensed in 1775, the distilery was known as the Hosh. It wasn’t untill 1875 it took the name of Glenturret, drawing it’s water from the river Turret near Crieff. The distillery is possibly better known for the blend it is at the heart of which is The Famous Grouse. This is where the the award winning ‘The Famous Grouse Experience’ visitor centre is based. Glenturret has one further claim to fame and that is to do with the now deceased vermin controller, Towser the cat, who allegedly over her 23 years dispatched 28,899 mice. For this feat she gained an entry in the Guinness book of World Records! Glenturret has a nose of barley and autumnal fruit and nuts, palate is of oak and fruit with a hint of hay, nice long sweet finish. (Daytime)

glenturret whisky bottle
towser the cat statue


12yr old   43% abv

Flowery, sweet, hint of almonds, toffee. (Afternoon tea!)


Oban   14yr old   43% abv

Sweet with seaside aromas and fresh flowers. Pear drops and rock candy, becoming dry and smoky. A smooth and fruity finish. Oban distillery was founded in 1794 and lies in the centre of this scenic West highland town. (Seafood or after dinner)

Oban 1980

Double matured   43% abv

The western Highland style of malt is epitomised by oban’s gentle sweetness and suprising richness of palate and finish. The peatiness of the islands it faces accross the firth of Lorn is softened by the influences of the highlands at its back. Distilled in 1992 and double matured. (After dinner)

Old Pultney

12yr old   40% abv

Founded in 1826, this distillery relied heavily on the sea for it’s survival, to bring in the barley and to take away the malt whisky. ‘Pultney Town’ and Wick became known for shipping barrels of silver (herring) and gold (whisky). It is the one of the most northerly distilleries in Britain.

The stills in the distillery are quite unique and it is reflected in the neck of the Old Pultney bottle. Legend has it that when the wash still arrived it was to big for the building so the manager cut the swan neck off, this shape is known as a ‘smugglers kettle’.

There is a link between Old Pultney and Stein (all be it a bit tenuous). Thomas Telfor who designed the original plan for the village of Stein, was friends with Sir William Johnstone Pultney, who Pultneytown was named after. Telford designed the lade (water chanel) that supplied the distillery.

This is a sister whisky to the 21 year old that Jim Murray said was his Malt of the year in 2012.

Old Pultney is matured in Bourbon casks, its nose is dry with a hint of sea air.

Taste of citrus and floral notes with salted caramel to finish, some say a little water brings out more toffee notes. Anytime!

May is Whisky Month; good time to start your journey if you’ve never tried a malt, or a good time to experiment with new flavours. There are many whisky festivals on in Scotland this month – sadly none on Skye!

Old Pultney is owned by Inver House Distillery. Flowery with orange peel. Toffee, liquorice, malt and honey notes. With a soft and mellow finish. (All day)

Dry with a hint of sea-air. Smooth, clean, refreshing and lightly sherried. Old Pulteney lies in the fishing town of Wick and is the northernmost distillery on the Scottish mainland. It was established in 1826. (Appetizer)

Old Pultney

8yr old   40% abv

Gordon and MacPhail.

old pultenery whisky label
wick shore


12yr old   40% abv

Spicy, perfumy very dry, hint of fruit, fiery. (After dinner)