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Welcome to our whisky page. Each month we hope to feature a whisky available to sample at the Inn. After our "whisky of the month" is a list of the whiskies we carry - listed alphabetically under the headings of their areas - Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. So please peruse the list and see if your favourite is there. The list is not definitive and will always be a work in progress, due to bottlings and availability.


12 yr old   40% abv

Cragganmore distillery was founded in 1869, less widely known than the other ‘Classic Malts’ it is a component of Old Parr. Delicate, hint of herbs, complex flavour, long finish. (After dinner)

Distillers Edition

The Distiller’s Edition is finished in ruby port casks. A warming and soothing after dinner dram with a fruity, aromatic flavour. (After dinner)


14 yr old 43% abv

The Craigellachie distillery was established in 1888 by Peter J.Mackie. Set in the village of Craigellachie at the meeting point of those two great rivers of whisky lore, the Fiddich and the Spey. The location where the distillery was built was only partially because of the quality of the water there, the main reason was the proximity of the railway. It is used in blends, mainly Dewar’s White Label. Aromatic, hint of citrus. (After dinner)


16 yr old   43% abv

In Johnnie Walker Complex, sherry, chocolate and malt with hints of oranges. Malted notes. A pleasant finish, syrupy and long. (After dinner)

Dallas Dhu

10 yr old   40% abv

The name which means, “black water valley.” Distillery is a museum and not currently functioning. Chocolatey, very rich smooth. (After dinner)


15 yr old   43% abv

Flowery, vanilla and a touch of peat. Smooth and heathery with a little pepper. Long and slightly smoky. (Aperitif and after dinner)

Distiller’s Edition

Exceptionally smooth and full of flavour, this special Dalwhinnie has been finished in the rich Oloroso cask-wood that has been especially selected for it’s fine yet robust balance. Bottled in 2005 and 43% volume. (After dinner)


15 yr old   40% abv

Dry and smoky, this is an important constituent of Diageo’s Bells Blend. (Afternoon)

Glen Devron

12 yr old   40% abv

Dry, malty and warming. (Reviver)


12 yr old   40% abv

Full and clean. Sherryish, heathery, hint of peat. (After dinner)


10 yr old   40% abv

”The spirit of independence”

Distilled and bottle by J & G Grant.  No relation to the Grants of Glenfiddich.

Glenfarclas is under the control of the 6th generation of Grants, and is one of the few distilleries that are truly independent. Glenfarclas means ‘valley of the green grass’. The distillery was originally purchased with a farm and is fair to say was more of a hobby to start with, the farming being the serious business.  The distillery was rebuilt in the late 1800s and from then on Whisky was the serious business.  The family still breed pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.  The still house features 6 stills which are the largest on Speyside.  The whisky is distilled twice, and then put into sherry casks for maturation.  There are 52,000 casks maturing in the ‘dunnage’ houses at Glenfarclas.  The tasting room in the distillery is wooden panelling from the RMS Empress of Australia built in 1913.

This is a robust whisky but has the finesse of the classic Speyside malts.  There are sweet malty tones with hints of vanilla and spice to the nose.  On tasting these come out with a light smokiness, which then has long lingering finish. (Wonderful aperitif)


15 year old   46% abv

Oaky with a sent of smoke, well rounded, balanced. (After Dinner)


21 yr old   40% abv

Honied, sweet and drawn out, little hint of smoke, rounded. (After dinner)

Glenfarclas 105

60%   abv

Butterscotch and toffee with a kick, long lingering flavour. (After dinner)

glenfarclas bottle
glenfarclas distillery
glenfarclas barrels


12 yr old   40% abv

Glenfiddich, one of Scotland’s few independently owned distilleries, has become the biggest selling malt whisky in the world. This malt is sweet with white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. A fragrant and peaty smoke finish. (Anytime)

Caoran Reserve

12 yr old   40% abv

Slightly peppery with a treacle like sweetness. A lively, slightly spicy dram balanced with an edge of sweetness. A mildly smoky, warming finish. The name ‘Caoran’ comes from the Gaelic meaning ‘peat ember’ (Anytime)

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve

15 yr old   40% abv

Smooth and silky with white chocolate, pears and cardamom spice. A creamy finish with a hint of ginger. (Anytime)