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Welcome to our whisky page. Each month we hope to feature a whisky available to sample at the Inn. After our "whisky of the month" is a list of the whiskies we carry - listed alphabetically under the headings of their areas - Campbeltown, Highland, Island, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. So please peruse the list and see if your favourite is there. The list is not definitive and will always be a work in progress, due to bottlings and availability.

Glen Grant

10 yr old   40% abv

A rather fresh whisky, with some fruit dominance. Light becoming nutty with herbal notes, very dry. (Aperitif)

The Glenlivet

12 yr old   40% abv

Smooth and flowery with peach and vanilla. Delicately balanced with a long and warming finish.

From Speyside’s ‘longest glen’ The Glenlivet, 40% abv. The start of it all, the first licensed distillery to legally produce whisky. The water is still drawn from Josie’s well as it was over 200 years ago.

This legendry malt has a nose of summer fruits and pineapple, on the palate it has notes of peaches, pears and vanilla and finishes with almonds and hazelnuts. It is lively to start but doesn’t have a long finish, refreshing, good daytime and aperitif. (Aperitif)

glenlivet bottles
glenlivet barrels

Glen Moray

16 yr old   40% abv

The mouth feel is lightly spiced with a warming and gently mouth watering effect. Malty toffee sweetness is present throughout with blackcurrants and a fragrant citrus lemongrass tang. (Aperitif)


12 yr old   43% abv

Smooth, dry and velvety. Hint of spice. (After dinner)


12 yr old   40% abv

In Gaelic, Knockando (Cnoc-an-dhu) means “little black hillock”. Complex, smooth, flowers, nutty, and a hint of mint near the end. (Evening)

Longmorn Glenlivet

12 yr old   40% abv

Full bodied wih fruit under tones. (After dinner)

Longmorn Glenlivet

25 yr old


15 yr old   45% abv

Smooth, sweetish, delicious, clean. Spun sugar. Never cloying, though. Crunchy dryness. (After dinner)

Longmorn Cask

The Macallan

10 yr old   40% abv

Full sherry, and malt. (After dinner)

The Macallan

18 yr old   43% abv

Sherry, nutty, full of power.

Macallan Fine Oak

21 yr old   43% abv

Liquid Gold.

Macallan 1876 Replica

40.6% abv

Produced to demonstrate the way MacAllan used to taste, oak and silk. (After dinner)


16 yr old   43% abv

Sherry, peat, dry barley flavour. It is an important contributor to Johnnie Walker blends. (After dinner)

The Singleton

10 yr old   43% abv

Small hint of licorice, sherry. (After dinner)